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❶March 18, , Most of the officers I see are not the perfect students in school or not come from Ivy league schools, so do not loose hope, try your best, be honest, you will get there.

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How about you worry not so much about your grades, but more on extracurricular activities. You seem like a bright kid, but even prestigious universities reject students with 4. Many prestigous colleges look for great grades, but they also look at you as a person and what makes you different.

Also Augustana doesn't have a lot of competition at all, it should be fairly easy to get in; especially given your gpa which isn't bad. I am in the midst of coaching and guiding a high schooler who's GPA is dropping. He can still go to college and he can still make a difference in his life. Guidance Counselors are useless or at least the ones I've encountered. You're right in that our kids need guidance and encouragement.

If you're listening out there: I did not have the best of GPA's when I applied to colleges but I got into my dream college, and it was my extracurricular that helped me get in. I assume you're talking a on the scale. If you got a on the scale then you're not screwed, but don't expect Harvard to let you in.

Also, there is generally a high correlation between good grades and good test scores, and the SATs are actually meant to judge how valuable your 4. If you have a perfect 4. My advice is to challenge yourself without fucking yourself with coursework.

See past what's on the paper and try your best. If you can show a college that you are a hard worker on top of being a good learner beyond just taking tests then they will like you more than the kids who just memorize as many answers and vomit them onto a test. Try to convey that in your essays. Also, if you're given the opportunity for an interview that could help you to take their focus off of your grades.

Shit if you've been playing that long then just go to the school, audition, and watch them shit themselves over how freaking awesome you are. I happen to intend on using musical talent to help me get into college, and I haven't been musically involved nearly that long. Like I said, knock their socks off and they'll probably let you in. That being said, don't throw grades out the window because they still count, and my friend still almost didn't get in because of his poor grades.

If that's not her thing then make sure she gets recommendations from teachers who see her effort and will write stories about how hard she tries and is capable of succeeding.

I think everyone has at least one teacher like that, and that alone may tip the scale. If none of that is possible then make sure she takes every damn minute she has to write her essays and has many people read them for errors. Use every word within the limit. Hi there, I'm about to go into my sophomore year and as a freshman I got a 3. Can anybody please help!! I am a senior in highschool currently with an unweighted 2. Also I made an F in pre-cal last year! I literally think about it everyday!

Needless to say, I have an awful guidance counselor that couldnt even remember my name when I tried to drop. This year I know for a fact I will make straight A's, because I will not allow myself to make anything below it. I am also re-taking pre-cal this year, with intentions of making an A of course. I take the SAT in October, I study everyday and my projected score as a of right now is around a My goal is to break but to play it safe I think I will make somewhere between a I will also be playing softball this year.

I will also apply to Chapel Hill just to say I did it! Does anybody have any constructive criticism, words of knowledge, advice?? Hello anon, I'm kind of in the same predicament as you and I'm a senior striving for Columbia University. As of now, your extracurriculars look good your gpa is low, but just show consistency this year stop stressing so much start that club and score high on the SAT.

And if you have a stellar personal statement you will get in, so that is another thing you need to work on; believe me. And I thought my reply went through but you have I'm kind of in the same predicament as you, you have good extracurriculars you just need to start that club and maintain a purrfect how. And lastly, with a stellar personal statement you will most definitely get in to your top colleges so focus on that. I am in the same predicament as you, like exactly the same.

Yes it will raise to a 3. The best thing to do is focus on that personal statement as I told the person prior to yoy, it will get you in if you balance it and appeal to the admission officer s. Don't make your personal statement like everyone else's. I am currently a junior in high school in NJ. I am in Key club, Red Cross Club, and two other clubs. I also took two years of german and did cheerleading and field hockey in high school.

I have about community service hours. I was wondering if i had any chance of getting into a good college, especially because I am out of state and have a very low gpa. I wand to have a triple major in business, law, and chemistry. I am in honors history and biology, cp english, and core math, because math is my weakness. I begin SAT prep next week an I am aiming for a high score. I am taking crime and justice and introduction to social sciences this year as well. I would like to know if I have any chance of getting accepted into any of the schools and if I could bring my gpa.

I think you would be able to bring your gpa up to a 2. Get more active in community service and start focusing on your personal statement now.

If anything a stunning personal statement will set you apart from the rest. Especially in the ivy leagues since they abide by a holistic admission process! I recently received my transcript and was very disappointed. Can you give me any advice? I'm a senior in high school and my GPA is a 2. I'm planning on taking it on November 2nd. I'm not a stupid person, I know that for sure. I'm actually very intelligent. It's just that I had a bad past in school, I'm not a bad student I'm a pretty good student, all my teachers see me as intelligent and mature.

It's just that I was bullied a lot during high school, I had like four family deaths in the last two years, I would skip school because of the bullying and I get sick frequently.

People always tell me that I'm going to be successful and that I'm an intelligent person but I just don't feel that way right now. I feel like dying because I screwed up the last three years.

Right now I'm currently trying to keep my grades up. I have straight A's at the moment. I'm scared that I won't be able. I'm a senior in high school with a 2. I will have hope and apply to some schools that I really want to go to. I sincerely hope you all get into the schools you are dreaming about. Senior in high school with a 3. Got a on the SATs.

The good news is that my counselor said I'm ahead in the application process. I will meet with every college representative, of an applied school of mine, who comes to my school.

Hope that helps some….. The system is against us, but if we work hard, we can achieve more than anyone expects of us. I am a senior and have a 2. I studied abroad in Austria for a year and when i got back I didnt have friends and was depressed and started failing even more.

Beforehand I did have some rough patches, but for the most part I did well. My school is an IB college preparatory school, and I am so worried I wont get into a college, and my parents are stressing me about my grades.

I'm stressing out so much right now. Thank you so much for this , I've been doubting myself because I didn't think I could do it all I needed was a little encouragement.

I was about to give up. It's too late for seniors, unfortunately. Your best bet is to go to community college and do really well, then transfer to a great school. I was woundering if you think it is to late the join highschool baseball during junior year, but I am fairly good at the sport.

Another thing is if i do good in grades until senior year will i be able to get into a good college? I need advice such as is their anything I can do to bring my gpa up such as, online classes to retake the courses, summer school, community service?

I need any advice please to help me get into a good college. This is my future and i am stressing out major! Hello, my name is Christopher and I've been reading through your blog. Most classes honors, 1 AP, and the rest are either Medical based or regular. Really hoping to do good on that! I want to become a physician in the next decade, but to even get that far I need to get into College! My list is 1. I would be more concerned about the reason for going to college.

How much time have you spent fulfilling requirements vs. As if educators and their parents offer any perspective …. I'm almost done with first semester of my Sophmore year.

My grades literally depress me so much I don't even want to do anything except go into my room a feel depressed. I go to a hoity toity Public School if you don't have at least a 3.

I got nationally recognized. Now look at me im worrying about if I will ever get one of my main job choices. So far your grads look good to get into Cal Poly I do not know about the others because I havent looked into those colleges but Poly was a university i was interested in.

Have you taken the SAT yet? But keep your head up you look like you are a bright student. You will get into a university. Hello, As a college student i would have to tell you that you Have to, have to, have to bring up that GPA. My best advice would be to work hard on getting that gpa up. And i dont understand what is so wrong with a community college. You will be taking college courses and all you have to do is take 30 credit hours thats one year at a community college and transfer…some universities have a program with a community college where you will be registered at the community college nut taking classes playing sports ect at the university.

I did a program like that my first two years and now im at a university about to graduate with a 3. But there is nothing wrong with a community college if you want to go to college then go it doesnt matter if its a 2 year or 4 year. I am going to give you my advice dont let anyone tell you there is something wrong with community college. No university will except anything in the 1. Show up and show out at this community college do good in your classes and transfer.

By the next spring semester you will be at a 4 year…. Applied to these universities with a 3. Lewis and Clark 8. My EC's are great, my essays and writing supplements are great, and my Letters of Rec should be amazing. I have a relative that's a Columbia alumni. I just hope this all turns out well. For those who are in doubt, shoot past the stars, you never know. I book marked this page today, from today on until my High School Graduation I will read it to keep my head up.

The transition into high school wasn't easy for me, and I'm not your typical student, I'm not smart like the other kids, and its discouraging to me to see everyone ace the test that I failed, and all I want is to be the first in my family to get into a good college, and I maybe to over contemplating the worst, of every college just rejecting me, and me not being able to get a job because everyone is so much smarter now, I just want to seem up to par.

Keep your head up man, and, if you are a senior, just show colleges the genuine you. Even though they constantly except the students that look smart on paper, who knows, they might accept you too. Show that you are different. I really need to hear this…. I was close to giving up… Now I won't because of your words… Thank you so much stranger. Man, that would be a good thing to state your father being killed , just provides context on why you earned the grades you have.

And yeah man, just keep striving, something good will come out of it, whether it be acceptances or anything positive, just keep striving. Wow… thanks for your words.! I needed to hear this, I'm recently a high school senior with a GPA of 2. I was so close on not applying to college concerning my GPA average, I'm just a few months away from graduating high school, and.

I will try my best to boost. I really want to go back to college after having dropped out from my 3rd school but I don't know if anyone will accept me as a transfer with a 2. My daughter has a 1. Mostly honors classes the counselor told me today if these we're regular classes the GPA would be about 2.

She has been getting several letter from colleges based on her test scores. She is in second semester of Jr year. I'm afraid once these colleges see her GPA she'll have to go to community college.

Hi there i do track and filed and also soccer and i have a 2. One last thing if i start studying like any 9th grader should do could i get better grades. My daughter in Junior year had a 3. In her senior year the last three semesters she took up with the wrong crowd and is now getting all F's and is not going to walk due to her Math grade F … and she may not have the required 2. She is a student with a disability plus was involved in some pretty traumatic issues due to the friends she took up with that I won't discuss here.

She seems to be coming around now that she dropped the friends a little late but what can she do to bring her GPA up prior to "now" community college.

I'm a single mom and really need the bright futures monies. Is there anything she can do? Graudation is in June and she is having such a hard time hearing all her friends getting letters and making down payment already.

I dont even know what I can do to help! I hope she can get into a school. What can we do? I have a GPA of. I took the asvab Test and i made a 67 on it but i still want to get my engineering degree before i join the military.. Ok so I made a 67 on the asvab test which i was told was good cause i want to join the marine corp but at the same time i want to go and get my engineering degree so i can have a good job when i get out but the problem is that I'm right at the end of my sophomore year; and i have a GPA of.

Can i still make it?? So i got my first D in pre cal honors this year junior year second semester while i had an A first semester. I'm in the IB program and am an IB diploma candidate.

I want to get into the University of Wisconsin-Madison and also any of the many UC's here in california because that is where I live. I was part of Class office Co-Social for two years sophomore and junior year and senior year I will be the Vice President. I will have volunteer hours..

I have two year of college with 1 GPA and I want to change school and getting better GPA than think going in medical school what is my chance, what should I do to going in medical school.

I am willing to work hard now. If you really want to do something, don't let anyone tell you not to. Thanks Stranger you just lit my Fire. My parent have been pressuring me cuz of my grades. Thanks i will try to do better next time. Hey I am currently a high school senior with a 3. But I am really worried about getting into college. I had straining circumstances the last three years of highschool because of family issues so it was always had for me to focus on my academics.

But I really do have drive. Its just not reflected by my academics. This is very discouraging. I know I am a good musician and I would like to think that I have a chance. It's just hard staying positive when it feels like people are working against you. You are such a great person for encouraging students to pursue their dreams. They need a lot more people like you around…. I really dont know what my options are and its my senior year so i have little to no time to bring it up.

I'm in my freshman year of highschool. It is mid-term and I have a 3. It makes me saad because all my friends have 4. I was getting better grades last year, the English is just harder in my new school.

Break your butt in community college and transfer 2 a 4 year school. Thank you I needed that my son is a 2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! My daughter has a 2. As a junior it was a 3. It's just cumulatively, her GPA is awful. Her first SAP was only a but she is taking it again in a few weeks and we are waiting on ACT plus writing scores.

She has excellent letters of recommendation… one from her guidance counselor, one from a teacher, and two from soccer coaches. She wants to play collegiate-level soccer. We have someone helping with the recruiting part… just not sure where we should look. All of her letters talk about her overcoming a lot of things and how strong and mature and college-ready she is.

We are in Virginia. This is the start of my year and report cards for the first semester are coming out and i think i may have an f or two coming my way. I would like to know if this would effect me getting into a good high school. I know that almost everyone is talking about college, but i would like to know if my chances of getting into a good high school are high or not. Do they look at like, your first report card? I need to know if ive ruined my chances or not soon. Don't worry so much man.

No tutoring nothing went in to that test. I went online to spark notes. Thank you for the encouragement, this is honestly what I needed. I've been going out of my mind stressing because my grades aren't exactly meeting my goals. Ive had such strong feelings of wanting to give up, but after reading this it almost got me crying to tell the truth. But since it has the credential of personal element, don't hesitate to give that warm touch. GPA is just a number and numbers have nothing to do with success.

Just try to give your best answers.. I'm so happy I came across this. I was putting myself down thinking I ruined my chances at a successful life and at getting into the colleges I wanted to apply for. This motivated me so much that there is still hope for me. I'm in my senior year and this is making me want to try my hardest and show I can do this. My goal is straight As. Many people say this should be a goal all the time but I never had guidance or motivation from my family, but this has changed me.

Hi im a freshman in highschool and its first trimester and its about to end and i have a 2. Even though my friends say a 2. So i feel like i need to surpass all the doubts other people have towards me so that i can feel good about my grades and forget what happened and if any one can give me a little advice on how i can get over this please reply back.

I am an athlete for my school , I play tennis , basketball and run track. I got a on my sat and an 21 on my act. I plan on taking the sat on more time before applying.

I am also an volunteer for teen court. Do I have a chance in getting into a university such as uncc or ecu? I am just grade 9 and maybe I don't know enough about colleges but what I do know is I wanna go to Harvard university. Alot of people discourages me that I cant go to that big university because its not my level but I will show to the people I am capable of going to that university so don't be discouraged from people they don't know u and what u are capable of doing just be yourself.

This just made me so happy. I'm a junior, soon to be senior. My GPA is almost a 3. It is low because Geometry wasn't my strong suit and it brought my grade down. This made me so happy to read, thank you got the encouragement! I'm a freshman and I'm really concerned. This is just my freshman year and I would like to know if my GPA right now really matters.

I'm just really concerned. You can definitely get into a decent 4 yr university with under a 2. If a low gpa is your only weakness, there still are many universities that would consider admitting you.

Thank you whoever you are…at this point you may not even read this, but you've given me complete hope to a decent future. I may be just another kid saying this to you…but from the bottom of my heart…thank you. S as an IB student, by junior year he gpa was at 3.

I hope she can atleast attend a good city college and maybe transfer to a university later. I'm an athlete for my school , I play tennis , basketball and run track. I took a bunch of honors sciences and maths. I got an on my sat and 21 on my act but I plan on taking the sat one more time before I apply.

I want to go to an university such as uncc or ecu. Do I have a chance? I also volunteer at teen court. Just wanted to say that I had a terrible GPA in high school. I did not apply myself like I should. I also had lowish ACT scores as well. My parents never once said a negative word about not getting into college.

I applied, and applied and applied. Finally I got accepted some where! I was classified in a special admissions category but I could of cared less. I worked hard and proved to myself and others that I could do it. I suggest go personally and speak to admission counselors. This will help your cause. Don't let a high school guidance counselor sell you short. Not with bad grades but grades that could've been better.

I know I'm capable of doing so much more. I always feel left out because my friends are always doing good on their school work. I always get told i'm the dumb one in our group when in reality I know I'm not. I'm entering my junior year this year and I have big goals that I am planning on achieving. I always underestimate myself and I lose confidence. I am working my way towards success and i wont stop till i have it.

I'm not always satisfied with the things i do in school because i know i can do much better but i just have this lazy habit. I'm ending that now.

Entering my sophomore year I didn't quite care about my work. Something happened during second semester. A big slap in the face, i passed my classes with C's and B's but i still wasn't satisfied. I have two years of high school left, I'm going to try the best I could.

If you want something in life don't wait till the last minute, do it right now. They told me I use to be this retarted kid that never cared about anything. I started caring about school the end of my sophomore year. My "so call friends" always put me down on. Even if I do start getting good grades i still wont be satisfied and i don't know why. I'm scared for what the future holds for me but i know if i do good starting now at a young age my life woud be a success.

Anything is possible if you put your heart and mind into it and never let anyone tell you that you can't do it. It's time that you start listening to yourself and stop worrying about what other think. From my prospective keep doing what will make you proud because right after high school college will determine how your life would be ten years later or even more. That's all I have to say. Students please remember also that in order to go to college you have to take certain classes.

Many students don't realize this until it's too late. Your High School counselor should make you aware of this during your Freshman year. Also please dont wait until your Junior year to work on your gpa. You must set a strong foundation during your Freshmen year and build throughout your Junior year. Your Senior year should be smooth sailing. Your coursework should be simple as you are polishing your gpa. I had about the same in college. In college and high school counselors discouraged me.

I didn't listen to them. I applied to University of San Diego and got in! I was so stoked. My years at Univ of SD were the best years of my life!! Everyone out there pursuing a dream do whatever you can to achieve it!! You can do it!! Love what you do, and do what you love. If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life! It sounds like you are an amazing person! Unfortunately, the GPA is a little too low for those schools, but I have no doubt that you can transfer in after some community college.

I think you should stop worrying at this point- what is done is done. You should definitely apply- if you never apply, there is no chance of getting in, so why not give it a go? Also, don't be too disappointed.

Life is just beginning for you and your transcript does not determine your self worth. Hope you get into those schools! I had a surprisingly similar experience, Sarah. I'm very sorry about what happened. You should definitely explain extenuating circumstances to your school. Right now I'd say you have a shot at a state school, if not you can always transfer in.

Thank you for the pep talk, I really needed it. I was that screw-up in High School who skipped school, smoked cigarettes, partied, and fought all of the time. Typical High School B. My High School Counselor discouraged me from going to college with my abyssmal 1. I did 4 years and got out. I went into college having to take all remedials and would later graduate with a 3. Will colleges accept me if I pull it up my sophomore and junior year or did I completely mess up?

I'm in the same position as you are now, and it's very stressful and now is taking a major toll on me. I am from Argentina and I really want to go to a us 4 year college. I hace a 2.

During high school I went through really rough times. Muy father stole money from my mother, muy grandfather passed away and muy uncle and aunt got divorced they are really close to me.

I got awarded as TVE school spirit two years, and with the peaceful student award. Im a person with a lot of hope and I really want to success. I hope you can help me see which are my possibilities.. As i want to pursue my Master Degree program in International Business. This is great I have a 2. It was a state school big ten school as well it really hurt me.

But I'm glad I saw this! I am dealing with a situation like this person here. When your GPA is low, your SAT scores are low and you did nothing to help yourself and build your resume up over 4 years: My kid refused to listen to advice — to study, try harder and take things more seriously.

Instead, she chose to stay on her phone with friends and watch TV before tests, papers, etc. Now we are faced with the sad reality of her having a 1.

I say "we" because it is my husband and I that face that reality. And it is a sad reality because come next year, she will have no school to attend and will still be living at home with us. My daughter is living in a fool's paradise, running around and telling family members who think she's ridiculous that she's going away to school, acting as if she can get in anywhere she wants. The moment I remotely suggest she apply to a local 2-year local community college, she does not want to hear it and tells me I'm killing her dreams.

This is the world we live in today. What a future we are in for. You got into Columbia with a and a 4. Well a Columbia atendee should know the diffewrence between "there" and "their"….

You are only a sophomore, now a junior I am assuming. You have this year and next year to make many improvements and show that you truly do want a college education and that it means a lot to you. Just do your best and try to concentrate on school more so you can get your weighed GPA raised. Colleges don't even focus on your freshman year so I hope that gives you a little relief.

I wish the best xx. Will any colleges accept a 3. I know it's low but I tried very hard to bring it up: I im a junior and have a 3. Unfortunately my school doesn't weigh GPA so honors don't help me there.

I haven't been the most hard working student I won't lie about that but Im going to make the most of the time I have left. I have on my sat and 34 on my act but i know my gpa will likely hold me down. My mom went to brown and she wants me to apply as a reach school but I just don't know if its worth getting my hopes up because the other kids applying have the same range of test scores or better and probably all As on their transcript.

I'm wondering what my cumulative GPA would be? Freshman year i got a 3. Now a junior, first semester just finished and I'm assuming I got a 3. Lowest grade I have ever gotten in my life. How much would that effect me? I messed up my freshmen and sophomore year do to multiple factors. It's my junior year now and I got into AP and Honor classes. However, I feel with even trying my hardest my gpa won't go up and I won't be able to enter the college of my dreams.

I feel my chances are 1 to none to getting into a good college. So I did fine in high school but in my first two years of college i got a 2. Now I dropped out of that school and did major prep at a CC and currently have a 4. I am only so low because I have a horribley unfair teacher in my Food class and a D in geometry.

I don't really do many extracurriculars, but I've been doing theatre since I was I want to major in education. Does it matter that I don't want to major in anything that I am doing bad in?

I want to get into a least a decent university. I think the PhD rule applies here, too. That is, apply to at least 6 schools, but even 12 schools isn't unreasonable. Pick the few you most wish to go to, a large number of reasonable middle schools, and then a handful of "security" schools". I know application fees and forms are tedious and expensive, but not more so that college itself.

The point is, position yourself to make a choice, not to accept the only one that chose you. Sometimes the truth isn't a pep-rally. The OP indicates that they would start joining clubs and doing community volunteering to be a better candidate. As the first responder hinted, the point of participation in those things is to determine character. If the applicant really cared about student organizations or volunteering, it would be a demonstrable part of their life, not something that suspiciously shows up senior year.

SAT score already at I am hoping to get it to a I want to show an upward trend and end with an average of 3. I want to go to Emory. I'll be starting junior year off with a 3. I also work part time im a happy, positive person. I do however have an act composite of 34, I have extracurriculars and strong spikes- internship at software company and activities like marching band.

Our school changed our grading scale in the middle of the year- all those 84s I've made are all C's. But then this year I make an 81 and it shows up as a B. Do I have any hope? This year im switching to a Private school as a junior hoping to improve my gpa!! All I am stressing about is trying to get into a university. I just want to say thank you for commenting that because my counselor said and I quote, "You won't make get into UMD, thats just not possible especially with your GPA thats never going to happen," and that really made me upset and thinking I won't get in.

Jokes on him I got accepted, so I just want to tell everyone who's reading this thats been discouraged because of their counselor, don't be, because you will never know if you will make it in or not until you try.

Trust me don't give up, don't let these counselors dictate where you're going to school they know nothing!!! I used to be a straight A student myself.

In freshman year, I was mostly a 4. By that point, I had also been heavily involved in extra-curriculars. When I went into sophomore year, I decided to do a dual-curriculum, which brought my grade down to a weighted GPA of 3.

It was so harrowing. When I close my eyes I can still picture the endless string of all-nighters I pulled just for my dual-curriculum. I passed all of my external exams for the other curriculum with pretty high grades. It's junior year, and my dual-curriculum's over, but I can still feel the amount of stress it has caused me in the past year. I've been taking on rigorous academic workloads whilst balancing activities in and out of school such as leading a debate club and being a part of the student council.

In a way, I do regret how it has impacted my CGPA, and it's made me feel so worthless, especially because my first GPA of the year in junior year turned out to be a 3. I still have three terms to pull it up, so I'm going to be pushing myself extra hard. I don't know if I'm just being harsh on myself, but I really do feel as though I could have done better.

I have so many aspirations to go abroad, and it discouraged me so much from applying to universities abroad because of the high requirements. By the end of the year I believe I should have an overall Gpa of 3. I have outstanding EC's and am extremely passionate towards what I want to major in, theater, and I believe my EC's show that. Do I have a chance on getting in to a school with an average of a 4.

Of course, with actually studying, I plan to do a lot better. Can someone help me out? At the end of the day that's what's it about giving hope to our future kid. There are a lot of people who is an A student but has not common sense. They operate like robots.

Not feelings or has no clue on reality or real life. I wish everyone on here the best. My son didn't do too well his first two years of high school but he is do so well his junior year. He is very motivated now to do well and be more conscious of his grades.

I've always encouraged him and told him i knew he was very smart and could do it…Love this site Remember It's not how or where you start, it how you end! I really needed to hear this.

It made me cry because all my school counselor has been telling me is that I don't have a chance compared to all the freakishly high GPA students in my school. Im in that situation right now..

I'm a sophomore in semester one of highschool. I usually get good grades, I had a 3. But I moved to a new school, and recently some very bad personal things have happened which caused me to miss a lot of school, so my current GPA is a 2.

It's been very hard for me to be motivated. I've been in a state of complete panic lately, I thought I was sure to fail. This really cheered me up and made me realize a lot of important things. It will always get better. If I'm trying my best and don't give up, I am capable of anything. Thank you so very much! I won't go into detail but I got low grades because of my very bad depression, it got so bad I couldn't focus, I was always tired, and I forgot how to spell the simplest of words which sucked because I am a writer had writer's block for two years, I was so corrupted that I also forgot how to tie my own shoes, this depression is still here but now I'm still slowly recovering from having depression for 6 years, I was also in the hospital all the time during my childhood with very severe scoliosis, breathing problems I use a bi-pap so now it's better now , and having four death experiences with pneumonia, I am also on plan which my school nor it's teachers really go by to actually help me.

My mother was also an alcoholic throughout this time. Will I be able to go anywhere? I talked about my struggles in my college essay and talked about how I need to push through them. I also got a on the new sat, and an essay score of And I also would like to add that even with low GPA you can apply to good schools. My only advice would be to go for both safety and good colleges. There's a great list of colleges with low GPA requirements. I'm an year-old high school student that is supposed to be graduating this year.

My life has been hell on earth, I haven't gotten to live like a normal high school kid and I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for 3 years. I've had to repeat grades 2 times.

The first time was because my mom dropped classes on purpose to keep me in homeschooling because she didn't want me to attend a public high school.

My mom refused to put me in public school because she didn't want me to have a normal life. She wouldn't even enroll me as a homeschooled student so I could participate in athletics in my district. And don't even get me started on my abusive father and the shit he brings to my life on a daily basis. The 2nd was because I didn't care about school and did none of the work. My GPA is embarrassing 1. I've averaged a few A's and B's, but they were mostly from electives and summer courses. I can potentially graduate a year from now.

I'll have enough credits to be eligible as a senior for next year if I pass all of my classes currently doing well with a 3. I can do a summer course or two that will put me at 15 credits and the rest of my courses I will get when next school year starts I can work ahead and pass those by December of next year.

My counselor said he will help me do anything that will help my GPA. When I graduate I would love to go to college instantly in time for the 2nd semester or Spring so I can try out for the football team. I fear that even if I work my ass off and get A's and B's for the next year and explain my situation and the steps I've taken to become a better student to colleges I'm applying to I won't be accepted. Would a year-old student that repeated twice with bad grades through most of high school be attractive to even one school?

Am I better off going to CC? Also, I may potentially be moving out of state with my mom — to somewhere like Arizona. I heard that "Arizona State lets anyone who breathes in" but I don't believe that. Basically, my whole point is, I hate that I messed up high school. My depression and the shit that goes on daily in my personal life is no excuse for my grades being the way they are. Imagine if I had put in the effort to be a great student all the stuff that's happening in my life now would be irrelevant and easier to deal with because I'd be going to college in 8 months from now.

Instead, I likely have to spend another year in HS and I fear that any future I have is in complete shambles and can't be repaired. I get so sad and upset seeing kids my age be all excited for college, enjoying their "lasts" in high school and having the normal life I pursued to have for so long. Unfortunately, my support system and lack of work ethic failed. Believe me, I'm not trying to make excuses because I'm at fault for where I'm at too, but if you lived in my family and had to deal with the stuff I have deal with every day, you'd fail some classes and be depressed too.

Especially if they're the source of your depression and refuse to make any changes for the better of the youngest one in the family so he can succeed, like most normal families do. So pretty much where do I go from here and how can I overcome all of this? It's gonna take more than "hard work and improvement" I feel. Even though I don't know you I just wanna say that I believe in you. Also, if you feel bad about crying, don't. I just cried for 30 minutes because I got a C in one of my classes and my parents get mad at anything below an A-.

Your involved in loads of extracurricular activities. Have you taken the sat or act? If you get great scores, your gpa will be exused from top colleges. Thanks I have a terrible gpa but I am going to break my habit of being lazy these comments are very nice and encouraging. I currently a sophomore and have a 3. I take standard classes but struggle in one for the most part. But at Grademiners, we ensure that your collaboration with us goes smoothly.

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