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How to Write a Complaint Letter About A Manager – FREE Download

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I wanted to inform you that the abovementioned situation has not changed. I request you to intervene and sort out this problem once and for all so that I can continue working without any mental stress.

I had brought a personal issue of harassment by my team-mate, Louie to your notice a month back. I wanted to inform you that his behavior has not changed despite your counseling. He still passes lewd remarks and often gives me intriguing looks. He has my contact number since he has to inform me about any rescheduling in my shifts. But he uses the same to send double-meaning jokes and messages. My husband happened to read one such message he sent yesterday. I am scared that he might either ask me to quit my job to avoid such harassment or pick up a fight with Louie.

This job is important to me due to certain financial commitments. I also request you to shift me to another team so that we have least chances for interaction. Letters Privacy Policy Contact Us. Start by mentioning about the problem you have in hand and specify if you have discussed this earlier. Mention that the problem has not been sorted out as yet. The letter must be a reminder letter mentioning all the complaints that you have been reminding time and again. It would be better if all the complaints are written point wise so that the Apartment Manager can easily look into the matter.

Even though it is a complaint letter make sure to be polite enough while writing the letter. One can always use a polite tone while complaining also. I am a resident of Flat-No-… mention number in this apartment. I wanted to bring it to your notice that … briefly explain the problem in hand. The problem remains unresolved despite several reminders. I request you to intervene as manager of this society and take immediate action in this regard to make our living in this apartment congenial and hassle-free.

I wanted to bring it to your notice that despite many verbal reminders to the occupants of the Flat No- 56; they continue to take their pet by common lift and not stairs as was decided in the last society meeting.

The dog is not trained yet and the lift is soiled many a time which makes it difficult for us to use it when required. I have also shown you the extent of their negligence when its poop was left un-cleaned outside my flat last week. This problem remains unresolved despite several reminders. The residents spoke rudely to my wife today when she addressed this issue and said that they had the right to use common facilities in the manner they wished to since they were owners of their flat.

Such remarks in this apartment in which occupants share cordial relations are uncalled for.

What to put in your grievance letter

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How to Write a Complaint Letter About A Manager – FREE Download How to Write a Complaint Letter About Manager. Down load our FREE template in PDF, Word, or .

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If a phone call or email doesn’t resolve the problem, consider writing a complaint letter. A letter is important. It puts your complaint on record with the company, helps preserve any legal rights you may have in the situation, and lets the company know you’re serious about pursuing the complaint.

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If the complaint is about your manager, send it to their manager. If your employer has an HR department, it may be a good idea to send them a copy of your letter clearly set out the key facts of your complaint. Sep 05,  · When writing a letter of complaint, your best chance of success will come from directing the letter to the customer service department of the company. The customer service department is accustomed to dealing with complaints and your letter is likely to be processed efficiently and effectively%(14).

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This letter is a complaint against your manager/supervisor. Looking for samples of Complaint Letter to the Boss? Here are useful tips that will help you to quickly write a Complaint Letter to the Boss. or about manager behavior. Table of Contents. 1 Complaint Letter to the Boss Writing Tips: 2 Complaint Letter to the Boss Template; 3 Download Template (Doc and PDF) 4 Complaint Letter to the Boss.