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Computer terms, dictionary, and glossary

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❶For example XP tools, Tweak u, Ashampoo. Even if the software is written in words the computer translates it into binary code.

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Lets start with basic Computer Terminology
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This is a glossary of terms relating to computer hardware – physical computer hardware, architectural issues, and peripherals. A.

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Here is a guide to basic computer terminology for beginners. Basic computer terms are hard to understand at first. Hardware refers to the basic parts that make up your computer. For example a hard drive, memory, and motherboard are part of the hardware of your computer. Basic Computer Terms Hardware - The physical parts of a computer - CPU. Central processing unit; the brain of the computer; controls the other elements of the computer. Disk Drive. A peripheral device that reads and/or writes information on a disk. Hard Drive.

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Here is an extensive alphabetical technology dictionary of terms and accronyms commonly used in the computer industry. Computer Science. Definitions about computer science including computing fundamentals vocabulary, protocol and standards terminology, words about microprocessors and terms used in electronics.