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Never underestimate the power of the outline. A bubble map may seem like a silly thing to do, but in reality even a few bullet points can work to keep you on track and ensure that you stick to your thesis while you write. The most important thing to do when writing in a time crunch is to get as much written as possible first. Do this by finding a spot that will encourage you to get your work done. You might want to try a new study space like the top floor of the library, or somewhere without Wi-Fi, where the only thing you can do is write.

A ton of sugar in a time of crisis can only help, right? You do not have time for this. Your mission is to stay awake and stay on task, so do whatever it takes. Have a second dance party to wake up your body. Work next to a friend who will glare at you in stony silence until you close Facebook.

Maybe even go so far as to install an application like SelfControl which will block certain websites for a set period of time. Or use my method and reach for a gummy worm whenever you find your finger twitching towards YouTube.

All that matters is that you keep going. A Floridian learning to survive in the tundra that is the Midwest. So take some deep breaths, and make a plan. This can physically help you feel more confident about tackling your problems.

These methods can help you feel more calm and in control. Read the assignment guidelines. If you have decided that it is best to try to complete the paper in a short amount of time, your first step is to make sure you have a clear understanding of the assignment. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you are supposed to write about, and how many sources you will need. For example, if you see the word "compare," you will know that you need to compare two ideas, texts, etc.

Writing a paper about just one isn't an option in this case. However, if you see the word "analyze," you may be able to write about just one topic or text.

This lets your professor know that you didn't start well in advance and will make a bad impression. In addition, your professor may not check her email outside of business hours, so that email at Once you know how many and what types of sources you need, you can begin researching. Since your time is limited, you'll need to search efficiently for the sources that will be most helpful to you.

Try using your university library as your first step in researching. If possible, head to the library. If it is closed, use the webpage. Find the best sources. For a college paper, scholarly resources are your best bet.

Use the online database to search for books relating to your topic. If possible, look for ones that have electronic versions available.

You can also use the library webpage to find scholarly journals that will contain articles about your topic. As you read your sources, don't try to absorb every single word. You will get bogged down.

Instead, try reading for specific information that will help you write your paper. Scan, and take notes when you find something that is useful. Pick a few pieces of good evidence. Because you're working on a tight deadline, your research will not be as complete as it would be if you had started working earlier.

Pick a few key pieces of evidence that you will use to support your argument. Generally, each body paragraph will put forward a claim that works to support your overall thesis. Thus, in a five-paragraph essay you would need at least three pieces of evidence, since you are likely to have three claims one for each body paragraph. Look for quotations that are meaningful or impactful.

Find a key fact or data point. Make sure that your evidence helps you answer your guiding question the one that your thesis addresses. Make sure that your evidence fulfills the requirements. Some teachers may require a certain number of sources, a certain type e. Read the assignment carefully. Write your thesis statement. Your thesis or argument is the most important part of your paper. It should be sentences long and directly answer the question posed in your assignment.

A thesis should take a specific stance on the topic, and not just a vague summary. Once you have answered the question, turn this into a declarative statement. An outline is key to making sure that your paper is organized and well-structured.

Before you begin writing the actual paper, get an outline down on paper. Make sure it is thorough and detailed. Your outline should include your thesis statement, and indicate the subject for each of your body paragraphs.

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