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❶If the media is too sensitive for this type of flattening procedure, a special matting arrangement a more deeply cut window mat might be helpful in protecting the surface.

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In it, the removal of five tribes was specified. These five tribes had adopted European customs and were not unlike the white man in most cases. The Cherokee even had a civilized government and individual nation. Jackson worked methodically and had them removed in groups.

First to be ousted were the Choctaws. Around 15, Choctaws were moved from Mississippi to Arkansas in Chickasaws and Creeks came next.

They too were taken from their homes in the Southeast and moved farther westward into newly conquered territory. Last, the Cherokees were removed.

This was the actual event that came to be known as the Trail of Tears because of the amount of damage done to these people. In , thousands of Cherokees were forced over Tennessee and Kentucky and over the Ohio and Missouri rivers. Though this process did not take much more than a year, the amount of suffering was immense.

In each removal, the Indians were made to walk the entire time. Only the very lucky or very ill were allowed to ride a horse or in a wagon. The worst part about the whole situation is that it was all committed out of greed.

Most of it was greed for land. Apart from land, the government was also after gold. In , gold was discovered in Cherokee land. The government ignored the fact that it belonged to the Cherokees and gave away large portions of the space in a lottery.

In the end, the loss was tremendous. In all, thousands of Native Americans died. Out of the Cherokees, 4, were killed. Out of the Choctaws, 3, were killed approximately. She died on the first of February , in Little Rock Arkansas.

She had given her only blanket to a cold child, thus dying of the cold. I am so scared it could be Herpes!! I also made the ususal PH test to my urine and it came back on the higher more acidic number possible! I started having pelvic pain and a mild fever that lasted for like 4 days. I notices my skin got better and all the clitoris area went back to the normal color I also noticed they both apeared where there is a natural vaginal line folding or wrinkle don't know ho it's called and also well a lot of my vaginal discharge gathers I cant' wait to get those results!!!

I am so afraid! I am glad to know other women have this same symptoms and it is not herpes!!! I am so scared about those tests!!!! Re vaginal papercuts I have had all tests come back negative on herpes, yeast and std and bacterial as well.

I read on a thread about nystatin cream this is my second day and I feel much better. I don't know what this is but my stress level has been a rollercoaster and so perhaps that's it. However, I feel good now for the first time in months I truely hope this continues to work. My heart goes out to all. Well now i ma in a toguh situations Herpes HgG cam back negative as 0. I keep having these symptoms and as some girl here said they went away during my period. So until she does not rules out Herpes competely she can't treat it!!!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am 82 years old and have been getting these tears or cuts for a little over a year.

I am not sexually active but I seem to get these after a difficult bowel movement. For the past year I have been treating it by using Neosporin or Polysporin after I urinate until the cut is healed. It works for me and usually within a couple of days.

I have had this crap thing for about a year now. At first I didn't pay any attention to it but when the cuts started getting more and more painful I decided to go to the gyno. I was absolutely paranoid thinking I had every disease known to man.

Getting there I got checked for absolutely everything. However nobody knows why it occurs or how to cure it. It might be linked to phsychosomatic issues but still there is nothing that can make it go away. It will have a mind of it's own, appear for a week then go away and then come back again. What he said was apply a cream that is soothing like sudocrem.

Does he have a knife for a tongue? Send pictures to my email address: Get a long course of antibiotics or a good treatment of Penicillin k, g or possibly Amoxicillin, but Penicillin definitely puts and end to it if your not allergic to it. And many midwife OB's don't understand it and look at you like you are from mars, assuming it's a yeast infection or if there is a long stringy discharge associated with it, they will say it's ovulatory discharge, they have no idea what they are talking about.

It's from both oral and gentital sex some form of strep germ. The men are passing it to women from other partners. They need to also be treated.

Otherwise, all of your tests will come back negative, and it will morph into yellow pus from your cervix and you will get PID.. Been through that mystery a few times always after exposure to a man, especially ones who are cheating or have a lot of partners in their history, men are carriers and have no symptoms, and will also look at you like you are crazy once these symptoms start after exposure to them..

It appears to be some form of strep related problem. You can have a sort throat or muscle and joint discomfort with it too as time progresses and it's not treated. Penicillin antibiotics get rid of all the strange vaginal symptoms as described in this post. The most astonishing thing is how many doc's and Gyn's have no clue what it is causing it. Foung out by accident or trial and error that Penicillin antibiotics combined with Flagyl gets rid of it completely for good as long as you are not exchanging bodily fluids with other people, it will not come back.

People can carry this stuff silently after exposure then it starts wreaking havoc, and it's NOT a hormonal imbalance or dietary problem. I am so tired of these gyn people coming up with these crazy theories about that with yeast like symptoms, because it's not yeast. It's some sort of strep..

Just can't trust the Medical people, it's as if they don't know anything and just read from a transcript and if that doesn't match they leave you to suffer and tell you to try all these strange remedies.

But, deworming with herbal treatments and good doses of antibiotics will make you feel clean and normal like you once did before ever having sex.. Try it if you can, get someone to work with you, it's hard, with many stubborn professionals, but when you get that treatment everything gets back in balance and back to normal.

We know our bodies and when something is invading it. If you know you are carrying something regardless of results, you are.. Try to get a multiple course of broad spectrum antibiotics, and hopefully you are not allergic as it will help you solve the mystery.

Then become abstinent or just be careful not to exchange bodily fluids and then you will be symptom free.. I have been freaking out the past month trying to fix the itching -- my doctor thought it was a yeast infection and suggested using a hair dryer after I use the bathroom to help it stay dry.

The antifungal cream seems like it might be helping but I'll know for sure in a week I still have no idea what it is or what's causing it. I have it mostly as a large cut between my vagina and my anus and then several small cuts around the anus in the cheek area The kicker is I still breast feed my youngest 9 months and I've noticed some small cuts around her bottom area too.

That's got me really concerned and definitely more motivated to figure this out -- if my own discomfort wasn't enough!! I don't know if she's getting it from me, or if we're allergic to something we're eating, or the birth control pills since I just started those back up again I saw someone mention that and it seems like these tears started about the time I started taking them again? The doctors dont give a crap to figure it out! I hope we figure it out soon!!

Hey Ladies, I have a similar problem. The cuts appear only after I have been sexually excited. I am a virgin. When my guy fingers me this happens. I obviously only notice afterwards. This always happens no matter how gently he does it. I am now very hesitant about allowing him to do anything I am going through this problem right now and it's driving me freaking nuts.

Believe it or not I am actually applying small band-aids to the tears in the hopes it will help heal them. This is new for me, but these are some things I've noticed: They are always in the same spot: I know many of you would disagree, but since my genitalia went AWOL as soon as I stopped birth control, and because I'm older, I've been wondering if this IS a hormone thing.

I'm half-tempted to just start the patch again to see if this clears up. However, my other question is: Since I already did the Flagyl although it was probably close to 2 months ago , if I got a Z-pack prescribed NOW do you think that would take care of it? I'm so sick of being in pain when I pee L-Lysine supplement is the answer. Check into lichen sclerosis. It can cause cuts and symptoms you describe.

Derm or an OB who specializes in it is where to start. You need to treat with a special steroid cream for relief and an estrogen cream topically and testosterone cream topically and possibly systemic bioidentical estrogen.

My husband and I had rough sex, we used a toy for the first time. Now I have cuts between my vagina and anus area, they really really hurt. Do you think it could have been from the rough sex? I am putting trible antibiotic on them and trying to keep the area dry.

I get these same exact cuts down there as well. Mines always come from me wiping, or washing to hard. And I also noticed that if a guy tries to put it in and can't seem to find the hole, the pressure that he uses to push and find it tears a little down there also. Once there are cuts if anything wet you touches it, it burns. And it's also irritating and it itches at times. Which causes you to scratch and make it a lot worse.

I JUST had this start happening to me. I found a tear last week on my left vaginal lip after I wiped. I used a baby wipe and found a lot of blood.

Did you have bleeding? I've never had this before and it's scared me. Does the spot where the tear is get a little swollen? I have had this issue since the beginning of the year.

I started the pill and after 3 months it began. I do not know any cures, but Vaseline makes it feel a little better for me. I believe that it can be due to rubbing while walking or maybe even dehydration. Either way, I hope this helps a little bit. This is nice to know I'm not the only girl in the world with a weird vagina!

I get cuts all the time and it hurts so bad during intercourse sorry hope that's not too much info. But I been going to gyno after gyno!! They also say herpes and all that!

But just the other day I seen a new gyno and she prescribed me estrace cream, its like a estrogen cream to put on my vagina which will supposably restore and strengthen my vagina tissues I'm kinda scared to use this cream tho because it increases your risk for cancer.

So I'm kinda iffy, but at this point I'm willing to try it. What do you ladies think?? I hate that I have such a sensitive vagina! Hi, I have learned that the problem comes from a diet missing certain nutrients that our body needs.

Some other post said it was a lack of magnesium and I believe it happens when I eat out a lot. Too much sugar and saturated fats. I had also added to my new rutine after I shower: It has significantly improved. Pretty much everything tore my vagina - it was like paper.

If I wiped, I tore myself. If I put in a tampon, I tore myself. It was painful and the only thing that helped was rubbing vaseline on the cuts until they healed - but they tore again right after. I started taking rephresh pro-b and have not had a tear since I started taking it!

Apparently it was an issue with my ph balance down there - I never had any real issues - no STDs, but I was having an excess of discharge, LOTS of bumps on my cervix, all of which have gone away! This is the only thing that has ever fixed my issue! My discharge is perfectly normal and I don't tear down there at all. Absolutely did the trick! I have the same exact problem, of course I haven't been going around having any sex, every time I go to the doctor's they link it to a yeast infection..

I am astound that doctors don't have a grasp on this. My gyno asked to go because my paper cuts were not healing with herpes med I have never had what you would consider a true herpes outbreak, just these small paper cuts that appear in the same place and sometimes increase maybe while and for sure right after sex.

My test results of herpes were never conclusive so the gynos automatically said it was herpes, so I started meds. You could even write a script. Practicing your demonstrations like this makes you become acutely aware of your rushing tendencies in ALL of your lessons.

Ham it up, but slow it down. Giving any student a full sized piece of paper is a recipe for disaster. It can be difficult for students to know when to stop when tearing larger pieces of paper, like the mountains in the landscape project pictured below. You can even have students pair up to make tearing larger papers easier. Any other tips for teaching students to tear paper?

What other fine motor skills do you teach as mini-lessons? She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development. I teach very young students, from 18 months to 5 years. I always have the hardest time creating uniformed themes for all age levels and this tear-able activity was a hit with every kid! Inspiration from 21st Century Heide — The collection since tiny steps make big strides.

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Tears on Paper [Sbongumusa Thabethe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Metaphors, similes, and puns-these are the ingredients Sbongumusa has chosen to create the perfect art for poetry. But Sbongumusa accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction: love. And thus.

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Learn how to tear paper for use in rubber stamping, scrapbooking, and other paper projects. It's a simple technique that adds interest and texture. tear - fill with tears or shed tears; "Her eyes were tearing" weep, cry - shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain; "She cried bitterly when she heard the news of his death"; "The girl in the wheelchair wept with frustration .

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Tears on Paper has 2 ratings and 1 review. Paula said: The first half of this book is the women who put the book together and was newspaper articles etc.3/5. Tears On Paper on Scratch by -LadyNightLore-Add this project to a studio you curate (or remove it from a studio) Just click on the button for any of the studios from the list below.