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What is your favorite word and why?

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❶This is my new favorite word because it is so similar to education.

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People's Top 10 Favorite Words
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Pick a word that has a ton of meaning packed into it, wikipedia knows everything. Share your favorite words at favoriteWords.

I sincerely hope it meets everyone's expectations. Related Questions What is your favorite word and why? Write one page essay on it? I have to write an essay about my favorite word? What is your favorite word and why? How can a write a word essay on my favorite classical song?

What are your favourite 'power words' when writing essays? Answer Questions I need to know how ma n oz ml? Choose three ideas you think are strongest. Put your ideas in an order that makes sense. Write your three supporting ideas in this space:?

I really cant figure this out? How do you write in the third person about yourself? What are the 5 countries with the largest populations?

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My Favorite Word Type of paper: Essays Subject: Society & Family Words: According to the authors of the Macmillan English Dictionary, the English language is considered to be one of the richest in the world in terms of vocabulary.

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It’s astounding how one short word that is often said without thought can be part of us throughout our entire lives, and this is why “pretend” is one of my favorite words. This simple, six-letter word brings back childhood memories of my closest cousins and me.

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My favorite word? Receipt. Of course, highly descriptive adjectives such as “incandescent,” “melancholic,” and “axiomatic” carry more ‘wow’ factor. After writing my essay on a word that I really like, I realized that it doesnt really talk about me or my interests and that it might have been more helpful to take a word associated with something like fashion and just write about my interests.

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The word “love” is a word that makes one wonder how much power one word could have. Love does not have just one meaning, but rather many different definitions. It is a word used in many different contexts, with many different levels of feelings that are unexplainable. YES I'M LAST MINUTE BUT I DIDNT REALIZE THERE WAS AN ESSAY FOR THIS. I'm writing about how temporary is my favorite word bc of the concept.