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Is my child spending too much time playing video games?


❶Data came from diaries completed by nearly 1, U. Do you find other activities increasingly boring?

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Who will do my math homework
should i do my homework or play video games

Once you've finished that goal, take break: Then, after a couple minutes, get back to the homework and set another short goal. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Teen secretly playing video games when should be doing homework [closed]. A E 4, 12 You have a son while being only 14 yourself?

Or is it that you want us to enumerate ways you could be caught? If so, you might want to try Superuser. Erica in light of the previous question, I half suspect Bob is trying to covertly fish for advice in how to subvert parental controls. I've heavily edited the question to make it more suitable for this site and to bring out what I think is the subtext. Revert if not happy. You could also try using headphones or Earbuds, but that could get you caught if you don't hear your parents coming towards you.

Be prepared to minimize the game. Your parents will usually come to check up on you to see if you are actually doing your schoolwork or not. If you hear any indication of them coming towards your room, minimize your game immediately, even if it may be a false alarm. Do not make the mistake of taking the time to pause your game, you would be surprised at the speed with which some parents would make it towards your room. Even if you lose one life, what is a life in a game compared to the countless hours you could be playing if you do not get caught?

Do not play games full screen. Try to shorten the space the game takes on your monitor as much as possible. Try playing games that require minimal concentration.

You will need to be able to focus enough to realize when someone is coming up behind you. If you are one of those hardcore gamers that fall into a state of coma whenever you play, try playing something else that will not take as much concentration. It is essential that you watch out for anyone that may be making their way towards your room. Keep open numerous other files related to schoolwork. The greatest mistake that you can make is to leave only your game file open on your computer.

After you minimize it, you have nothing to show that you have been working for the past hour. Open anything school-related, such as past essays, projects, or math homework.

If it is an essay, it is recommended that you delete about half of it so that it looks like you actually wrote something in an hour instead of just opening a random file.

If you're on a mac, fullscreen both your work and school files and switch it when your parents are here. Change the school-related files often. Do not just open up an essay and sit there playing for two hours straight. Change the files you have open related to school every 45 minutes or so. Remember, parents usually know the common tricks that their children play to get around them. If you keep changing files, it looks like you have made progress in your work whenever they check in on you.

Turn your computer monitor away from entrances. This step will ensure that even if someone does walk in, they will not be able to see what you are playing. You will be given a few extra seconds to minimize the game before they reach you. Do not try this step if you have a computer table that is facing away from the entrance. Turning your computer and the whole desk around is a big giveaway because it shows that you were probably trying to hide what you were doing.

If you have a laptop, this step will work best for you. If you're having a hard time shedding pounds, try adjusting these common eating habits. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. Playing video games may mean spending less time reading or doing homework, according to new research on video games and children.

Boys tended to spend more time than girls playing video games. Featured in Health Pet care costs can top human medical bills Pet health care bills can climb into the tens of thousands of dollars as new technologies and treatments drive up costs 7 bad habits that could be wrecking your diet If you're having a hard time shedding pounds, try adjusting these common eating habits. Latest From "60 Minutes" Aly Raisman speaks out about sexual abuse. The polo team that uses cloned horses.

The link between Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Why Bill and Melinda Gates put 20, students through college. Steve Scalise on surviving shooting:


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Should I Do My Homework Or Play Video Games should i do my homework or play video games You can play games in your leisure time, but not doing homework because you think you are working on your career by playing video games you are delusional.

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Should i do my homework or play video games Games, activities, and resources to help kids learn the multiplication should i do my homework or play video Its the .

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Bbc news get someone to do my assignment uk video games: cause for concern. It should be fun and challengingnot boring. Why does my homework take me so long. Games on: free online should i do my homework games, chat with others in. School bans homework so kids can run and play. In my opinion kids should do homework everyday . Teen secretly playing video games when should be doing homework [closed] up vote 0 down vote favorite. 1. If a son of about 14 years old, using his laptop to do schoolwork, secretly plays video games instead, should it be the parent's responsibility to find this out and stop him? Since he'd be allowed access to his laptop at times other.