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Website Evaluation essay

What is an Evaluation Paper?

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I chose to evaluate a photography business called Mod 4 Photographic , which is owned by a married couple named Jes and Nate. Their purpose for creating this website is to attract new clients with their work and create fun portraits along the way. Throughout the process of writing this paper, organizing my information in the most cohesive way was the most confusing step, while providing enough analysis was my most frustrating.

However, multiple revisions helped me to overcome these obstacles. Organizing my ideas in a fluid manner was confusing because this was no longer a high school paper. Usually, I would write an intro with my thesis as the last sentence, three body paragraphs to support it, and a conclusion that restated my thesis.

However, after a conference with my instructor and an example of a web evaluation in hand, I was able to move past this difficulty. Using the example as a guide, I started with a three paragraph intro with my thesis located in the third and multiple body paragraphs that discussed the location of the main content of the website, the text, and the organization of the photographs in that order. I never mentioned anything specific about the photos themselves so I had to insert a paragraph about that.

I also needed to rearrange everything so the order that information was given made more sense, such as talking about the main content first and then becoming more specific by discussing the photos and text that the content was composed of. During the writing process of this essay, I learned that one of my strengths in writing are giving descriptions and stating examples. What I was usually missing was an evaluative claim that supported my evidence and then an analysis of it.

On this page, everything is centered on an orange background with sky blue on the sides. Fortunately, my class had a workshop dealing with peer editing paragraphs where my partner explained what kind of evaluations I needed and assisted me in expanding my essay.

I also received several peer editing worksheets that provided questions I could ask myself in order to analyze every piece of evidence I presented. This moved my paper from just having good descriptions to having a balance of examples, evaluations, and analysis. The pictures are also objectively chosen as they are all associated with flights and travel.

Also, as the pictures change, they change with their associated logos. The design of the themes is such that, the reader can scroll through them and halt any particular theme as he wish. The fonts within the themes are white and as well as links. The website employs Arial font throughout. The case is the sentencing case throughout, which also gives a professional touch to the website.

All the links are bold, and their font color changes to red when pointed them. Other texts are normal texts, black in color and in Arial font Virgin Atlantic 1. The second half of the home page is in black and white and lacks much graphics apart from the icons. The background to this part of the website is grey in color and is an enhancement of formality within the website. This is a characteristic feature of many professional websites. Then a summary of the helpful links is provided and the corporate information and information about the website.

Unlike many websites, this last bar of the homepage of the website is not common to all pages of the website. This shows that each webpage within this website is an independennt entity.

This could be due to the wide ranges and diversity of the operation of the Virgin Atlantic company. The images used in the website are objectively selected. This is because they are selling products to a special class of people. For instance, the home page theme pictures are captivating to individuals from high social status, such as celebrities, diplomats, and international businessmen. Each photograph has a story to tell and is emotionally captivating. Furthermore, the camera views changes in the different pictures, which has enhanced the emotions in the pictures.

For example in the case of the picture of people in a beach, the camera was in front of the scene and outside of the scene color. The shot was in a sunset, which al added to an emotional message to a particular class of people.

The webpage design has also made use of figures which are elevated to capture the eyes of the reader Qi The figures are convincing of good deals to the readers regarding the products they are selling.

In conclusion, the Virgin Atlantic website has considerable aspects of a professional website. The design aspect incorporates a theme color of the corporates color.

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Website Evaluation Report essaysThe objective of the Brisbane Media Map database is to provide valuable information and links to numerous media and media-related organisations that serve the Brisbane area, and includes useful links to other online media .

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Sep 15,  · How to Write an Evaluation Essay. What is an Evaluation Paper? Evaluation essays are just like reviews. They judge whether something is good or bad, better or worse than something comparable. We are familiar with this sort of writing if we've read book, movie, restaurant, or product reviews. Evaluation papers can be serious or funny, earnest or Reviews: While working on the web evaluation paper, my first college essay, I received feedback and suggestions that really encouraged me to put extra time and effort into my paper to make it better with every draft. In the end, I now understand that revision and creating multiple drafts is a necessity before I can reach the solid final draft that I.

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Evaluation of Website Credibility Evaluation of Website Credibility is a website that offers information on a health related topics and wellness. This website has a domain which means it is operated by an organization. For the evaluation of the two website, I choose 3 main criteria, such as “The content of the website”, which means, what is the objective of the company?